Can Art Forget?


can art forget?

when I hold this page

in my slippery hands

does it lose the muscle memory?


when I spill into fragments

and give them a throne

do they remember to hold the scepter

or will you hear the clatter when I’m gone?


I will lose what I said years ago

unless I save it,

chocolate under my tongue,

unless breezes don’t blow away these words

and you stay right here with your head in my lap

and I keep scribbling these maybes.


maybe my bones will remember the feeling

that for a moment could make this art.

can art forget?


I want to map you on my shoulders

in pastel or neon,

I know even if I do it will fade

but if I etch you into everything I leave behind

can art remember?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/8/17

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