Sippy Cup (day 191)

Now your air is humid with humans,

leave if you don’t want to meet my eyes

Take what you want, don’t grow if you don’t want to

I won’t be stealing your sippy cup


I’ve at least sent you letters when I don’t want to speak,

when I can’t make myself meet your eyes

That’s more than I can say for you

I can’t take away your sippy cup


You can breathe in pretend, the world doesn’t need you

to stand tall enough to sing

I can see my own unraveling, I don’t need your microscope

to cast the blame when you can’t get up


We have the same demons but I’m standing next to mine

you keep a death grip on someone’s hand

We have the same demons but I’m dancing with mine

while you blind them with headlights and can’t take it in

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/3/17

Sippy cup

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365 Day Challenge

I am in the cheering section. Go! Go! Go! I am at 331 - 34 poems to go. I only need to live a little while longer - a bit over a month. Then, I can die and become a prose writer full time. I will use the poetry as a base to build the quality of my prose which is pretty flat presently. I will have written enough poetry for a while.  Go! Go! Go! :D