Venom (Cough Drop Spirit) (day 189)

Your kiss is gentle enough to suck the venom from my chest,

fill all the sinkholes I’m drowning in,

sheets sliding off the corner as my eyes close,

the green is long gone and you can’t take it back

half as fast as I can blink you out.


I thought I was the one with a cough drop spirit,

too much for them to take,

puckered lips have always stolen whatever else I leave behind.


But now you’re here

and you have used the tears in my heart to rip yourself more beautifully empty

so be a cigarette,

when you stretch out I want to know how far you reach and

how much you’ll change me.


I want this clash,

a brain always at war with a green apple heart,

something that has never known easy,

never known sweet,

nothing but this flavor that seeps in like a spy

and steals the venom.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/1/17


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