Chicago Skyline


If we tear it apart and I hug you too hard

maybe we can go

back to that Chicago skyline

and not worry about all the monsters and mountains we’ve seen here.


I’m made of feathers when you breathe out

words I’ve never wanted to hear

so I am crying out the dust you’ve left in my chest

I want to catch what you want between my teeth and give it to you

I want to dance until I can build myself back into stone

but I have never been able to dance

when you’re not here.


Now I can see how we are so good at failing.


All I want is to go

back to Chicago

so we can be the girls standing where the earth meets the water,

so the tide will never rise if you stand so still,

close your eyes,

only open your mouth

to tell me this is where we belong

and I will clutch your pieces even if they draw blood from my hands,

make me believe we are surviving and

you will never fade again.


If I can’t take you with me

I will paint you into the Chicago skyline.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/7/17

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