To The Friend (day 183)

To the friend who once told me

“I don’t really buy the whole gay thing.”


You do not need to buy it.

We are not selling,

we are giving the whole of ourselves to you.


We do not stretch with your fingers,

rubber bands flung into corners,

ricocheting off the wall,

elastic collisions that come back just as hard.

We come back twice as hard.


We do not mold with your hands,

glued to gray while you steal the colors,

spent like blood money to make you feel kind.


We build something strong together

but we are so much more than that,

we are all creatures

when you strip us down to bone.


We are not something

you need to understand.

We are something

you need to listen to.


Can you taste

the worth we sprinkle on this world?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/26/17


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