Something I Might Mean (day 171)

Even shaking your head echoes

my head vibrates with the aftershock

Truth hurts more than slicing fingers

so in my cloak I slip a dagger in your pocket like a wish


I want to hold back but I’m barely holding on

protecting this explosion like a secret

Break all the rules I cannot see

but if you show me gravity I’ll fall back down


I am not a colt, you can never tame me

but you can let me so loose I get lost

I am not a rhythm, you can’t claim me

but you can chant till they call me yours


For once you spell out the reality I believe

can you paint it for me again

For once you spell out something I might mean

can you feel it in your blood, in your fingertips

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/14/17

Cloak and dagger

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