Hold This World (day 169)

The world’s worn you down

so I want to be sharp as anything

You ride the tip of every miracle I pray for


I’ve told a million of these stories

sometimes it feels like obsession

but I think I’m just deathly afraid


Leave me stranded like a car wreck, smash

all the picture frames I’ve balanced on your head

you’ve never been strong enough anyway as

this city’s clocktower weighs like whispers on my shoulders


I would place weight on your palms like lightning

and walk out of my skin, show you my thunder

but I know if I did there would be no more unspoken poems in the spot next to you,

you’ve never been strong enough anyway


I can be sharp as anything

if you want me to be,

take a turn holding this world

and it might show you a sliver of skyline.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/12/17


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