Breathe Me Something Beautiful (day 156)

Exhale and I’ll inhale

something I’ve never seen

but always wanted to,

this life I wish was lasting.


Breathe me something beautiful.


Maybe this can make up for

all the lies we’ve spun like fools

pretending not to notice

each other burning down

in all the silver spider silk


Soon we’ll be wrapped up,

set on fire

but no matter,

this silk wraps my fingers like lace

If I was going to choose a way to go

it would be like this,

with you

surrounded by beauty.


I’ve run in so many circles

waiting for you

Maybe this can make up for

all the sunsets we’ve missed.


So as we slip from this silk so fast

as we



Breathe me something beautiful.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/31/16


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allets's picture

Nice Tatting

The lace is woven well in the poem's fabric - :D