If Your Lonely Doesn't Need My Lonely (day 129)

What if your lonely doesn’t need my lonely?

Kill me softly, swallow my thunder

before you drench me in rain


I’m still falling, chaos flying

so gravity can’t worry me

I’m here for your horizon, not as a storm chaser

but it looks like you don’t see

your own edges, your own end.


I found the devil, smooth as glass

when you poured laughter on me like a salt shaker

but no matter how much you laugh

I can still feel your lonely

It takes all the quiet in me to stop myself

from handing you the world.


Even if your lonely doesn’t need my lonely,

in the dead of winter I’ll still give you the blanket

made of all I’ve ever known,

everyone I think you should love


This blanket, this lonely

can try to keep you warm-



This is all I have.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/5/16

In the dead of winter

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Temple of Heaven

Beautiful poem!