Chipped (day 127)

It’s easier to burn than melt…

that’s why I’m standing so messy

in front of this smoke-stained sky.


The air is hot coffee

smoldering in my veins

since I can’t face the ground

that trips me even at my best.


Wasting colors, don’t worry

if the stars are just rhythms now

not explosions we can chase.


Chipped concrete is all I want coating

the nails I’ve waited too long to cut,

the eyes that break stares even when I want to hold them-

this cracked ground is my favorite part of skygazing.


I wish I could be simple but

this place is far from simple

so I breathe in the choking hazards

and take them as part of the view.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/3/16


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allets's picture

"...this cracked ground is my

"...this cracked ground is my favorite part of skygazing..." Work it!  allets ~(:D)-