Stay Broken (day 122)

We don’t have to heal if we just stay broken

We’ll never learn to last but we know how to hope


Frayed and bitter monuments fall at my feet

Steal the moments that melt away on my tongue


I might use the wrong letters but they’ll fall so right

I wouldn’t be living if I didn’t crash into you


We live on the triumph that rides on the wind

Dropping bread crumbs and secrets to find our way back


We leave these hearts gold and shimmering with embers

Lights that leave life on this crumbling path


I won’t take your hand, just your heavy load

We don’t have to heal if we just stay broken

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/29/16


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Ayomi-Shunsho's picture

Tender!!! (Senbonzakura)

Such precious visuals, thank you!

allets's picture

The Best And The Bitter

Juxtaposed for maximal impact, unsubtle, up in faces - hope v no hope at war constantly. May hope triumph - :D