Taste Test (day 117)

I’ve shivered too much in what I thought was summer

to learn about the streetlights I’ve never seen

But I can’t live life through descriptions

when you give me the world in vinegar


I’m stepping to the beat of the song only you hear

and shallow can still break even if we just whisper

Stop treading on these slippery shoes I call home

This is your gift and I will force it down


I’ve listened to evil but never seen it work

never seen the crude yellow lights beaming from its lies

and you spoke to me in cheap illumination

I couldn’t grasp with hands that won’t bend


Spending years at your table, now I’m going still

My hands know the wood of this bench too well

I’ve sat and memorized patterns, apples and silver spoons

This is my memory and it will never suffice


With just these senses I can’t build a real existence

I’ll swallow your salty words but my sad eyes never cry

With you I’ll live dead for the rest of my life

So I slash through the memory to build a new wall


Now my blood knows mercy at the hand of these poisons

But even as I flicker I know this is just the taste test,

I know the cold unforgiving steel of that silver spoon-

trust me, I won’t take the same deadly offerings from him.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/21/16


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Declaration of Independence

from too tight reigns - 'apples and silver spoons' - nice image pair. That side of the table, excrutiatingly painful place to sit. I like the solid thinking and emoting evinced here. Not just woman thinking, male thinking too.