Heartbreak Word (day 115)

Don’t leave me hollow

Don’t leave me scarred

Leave your window open

and I’ll tear you apart


Chasing these bruises

from cliffhanger ends

Your fingers lace crowns

too rusted to mend


Don’t try to find beauty

I’ll disappoint you

Don’t try to find me

Let me unlock for you


I’ve wanted to scream

but I can’t find a voice

Give me a seashell

I’ll find too much noise


So I’ll try to tell you

the things I shouldn't mean

Maybe it’s better if I never

use your shoulder to lean


With every heartbreak word

you’ve ever brought to life

your eyes tell me they need me, I

need you more than should be right

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/18/16


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So what happens in the next

So what happens in the next exciting episode? 

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I liked it

Whatever love is we sure don't understand it... maybe it cannot be understood.

"I have become a second generation cosmic being, I am conceived in the womb of nature, in my own mind... In the womb of the universe."