Cracked and Whole (day 110)

I don’t buy these nights, I spend them

like the world could end tomorrow.


When you’re sleeping next to me

I can find enough creativity,

I’m spinning worlds into sparks

when even the dawn is asleep

but somehow my knots always end up

taking my wrists with them,

somehow that tells me I’m an integral part of the universe.


It’s been said I’m good at breaking

I’m not quite dysfunctional, just functional enough

I’m cracked surfaces glued back together with good enough

but I think you can better my good enough.


I sit on top of the world

but I don’t look at the stars

I look for ways not to fall.


Maybe that’s a harder way to live than

always looking for the next perfect redbrick,

nestled in the green with a bed of wildflowers.


I want a world unmade

so I can slip off the top and leave it untouched, uncrumbled, unbruised, unbroken.

I want a world remade

so I can slip off this precipice and leave you whole.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/14/16

Cracked surfaces

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"...I'm cracked surfaces

"...I'm cracked surfaces glued back together with good enough..."  - As I read, I was more and more engaged in the wondrous constructs of you/I images. The weaving was entertaining and fine. - slc