Ask Me Why (day 108)

Ask me why this is real

Take your hands out of your pockets

Lift them to the morning sun

so you can soak up the

sliding blue tectonics on the horizon.


Ask me why I swear

the moon sings to me

She’s gentle, I love her

more than you’ll ever know but

she brings with her nights where

I can’t shake the loneliness off my back.


Ask me why it’s so warm in November

maybe it has something to do with

how you rip the world wide open

with a hint of a smile

I’m burned to my core in your arms

but still not longing for winter.


Ask me how one life is

too much and never enough

We all go up in mist

like smoking cannonballs or quiet steam

but only we can choose what to be.


Ask me why I’m shaking so much

I have a top-line memory

but it’s all recorded in your voice

and once your voice is gone

what will that mean for me?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/13/16

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As Always, Depth of Placement




and perception, potential view and reality slightly ajar like a door - Enjoyed - Lady A -