Onyx (day 94)

What’s it like being beautiful?

I hope I didn’t catch you off guard

with that question

I drink the mischief in your eyes

like it’s the best medicine

and I can’t help but bury

every inch of my skin in your gaze


What’s it like being beautiful?

I’d rather you not hide

behind a sheet of hair

it makes you look uncertain


You’re not uncertain,

you’ve figured everything out

and you’re just waiting for

everyone to catch up with you


I can see the onyx glitter in your eyes

like half his heart and half her hair

You’re a patchwork combination

of every person who’s left blood on my hands,

all of them minus the kryptonite,

all the good luck charms

I wanted to keep in my pocket,

without the flaws they left behind


What’s it like being beautiful?

You capture all my breaths

before I breathe them,

let them shimmer in your veins

like you’re trying to decipher me


All I know is onyx understands me

better than anyone

as you hold it in your twilight glow

It’s perfect and broken

like I wish I was with you

and finally when you hold me I realize you are not onyx,

you are everything at once

and that black is just the crown I get to touch

when I tear myself apart trying to make you whole


What’s it like being beautiful?

I wish you could answer

but you just leave me clues,

fitting for a combination

of onyx and emerald and sandstone and gravel and

I lock eyes with your hidden smile

Don’t you know that even patchwork is beautiful?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/28/16


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allets's picture

"Onyx understands me"

From one human to another, this write is a nice tribute to beauty - :D