Airplane Lies (day 92)

From thirty thousand feet

I’m contemplating what

I probably shouldn’t be

wrapped in airplane lies


I’m drawn up by a cord

hung up by your window glass

Confident and over you…as

my lips frame your name again


It’s not like I mean to follow you,

it just happens all the time

When I turn a corner in this flight

your sweet sound hangs from clouds


Somehow as my lungs elevate

I pull more of your echoes

from my solemn company

so many miles in the air


I’m stiff with overthinking

and I’m looking for a reason

for something else to settle

instead of airplane lies

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/26/16


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are safe and u get a movie in first class - airplane lies. Airplane truths, the fruit is good and the drinks are strong. Cool phrase. Liked the inability to forget as central theme ~A~