Gift (day 77)

I disappear here and there through the days

but then you pull me back without reason


You carved a track I can’t help but follow

You raise me to the roof of the engine just by saying my name

I watch you run, sing me chords through the field

I want you to take a hammer to that wall I can’t stand

that blocks your spark from the crackling wood that needs it

With your laugh you sent galaxies to shimmer in my veins

With your blush you painted wings that are fastened tight to my breakable shoulders,

wings that still love me no matter how many times I trip


You have a gift for pulling out the best in people

I want the chance to pull out the best in you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/11/16


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allets's picture

"...that blocks your spark ..."

I appreciate the relationships you explore. Fabulous write ~A~