Overheard (day 54)

If I lower my whisper you’ll hear

so much more power behind my voice though it’s

just words, just words

just words.


Maybe if you slow down

I’ll catch up with your wind and then

fall through, fall through

fall through.


If I stand up straight I think

time will leave me alone and forgotten but I’m

overheard, overheard



Maybe what I mean is

they hear us better when we speak softly, we have

power, power



If I find a space carved out

for me in these tiny cities I can be my own

savior, savior



Maybe if I love my life

the world will see so much spark in my eyes I’ll be

stronger, stronger


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/22/16


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Carving out space

This one reads so well aloud. Exceptional! xo

Let your teeth show

djtj's picture


I love and use repetition a lot.  It helps the flow for me and reinforces the thought. Though I reread second time and just let my mind see the repeated words like an echo and I enjoyed that...Is that what you were going for? Thank you again for being a wonderful poet.