Movements (day 48)

I’m searching for a simple movement

a rundown heart misplaced

I want back all this time I spent

memorizing your face


I’m giving up again on burning

all this to the ground

I want lines and signs and circles

I want to finally be found


And all the stars in the darkest night

can’t tell me what I see

And all the cars with broken headlights

keep giving up on me


But now I’ve only touched the sun

I can’t even stay awake

late enough to remember you and

moonlight on the lake


Movements like loneliness shelter

shadows and sea foam

Slow motion makes everything beautiful

maybe I could call you home


Lift your hand up to the blacklight-

if we could slow down time

We could stitch ourselves together

like a rescue and a rhyme

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/17/16


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Sassylass's picture

if you slow

down time lemme know

nice writting

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



allets's picture

I want

to be found too. ~(:D)-