Sound of Silence (day 43)

I can taste the sound of silence

painting murals on these walls


I can wade in the stillness

blanketing everything in flashlight beams


But every time I start to dip my hands into the paint

that outlines you into not a ghost

it sings cacophony into my fingertips.


My nightmares sneak their way

into every corner of my eyelashes

tied together with your rough tattered list

of everything I should be doing


I walk with dreams unguarded

because I can still drink smoke

from the aftermath of your time bomb.


I block my eyes

cover my ears

tear my brains out till I find your touch


But I still taste the sound of silence

painting murals on these walls


because here I can never win

and my vision’s out of time

tunneling across the legends of lost firecrackers

that used to smell like freedom.


Steep my vengeance in a bitter bliss,

mold my shudders into a sweet scream


Brush the maybes off the staircase

so I can fly in brisk bright blue again,

landing safely on the sound of silence

so it clashes like the crack of thunder

and I can finally find a sixth sense

that might tell me something right.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/12/16

The sound of silence

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Very impressed by the imagery

Very impressed by the imagery in this one.


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