Frost Like Night (day 38)

Frost like your face spilling through my window,

blinding light paints patterns on my eyelids

because I’d rather not open them

and face this silent world.


Snowflakes like ashes on the pristine earth

when I can’t see the beauty in those perfect lies

When they see a new day dawning

all I see is blank white horizons…

the crystals shake like a music box beneath my feet

before they’re so easily shattered and melted

and I stumble once again on rough roots uncovered.


When the sun sets and lights fire

to whatever lurks beneath the surface

I lace my fingers as winter’s little chandeliers

burn and fade and steal me away with them.


Frost like night when I close my eyes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/7/16


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allets's picture

"...winter's little chandeliers..."

a nice star image - very creative, painted well and the last verse is exceptionally well composed. Enjoyed thoroughly - allets -