Ode to a Stranger (day 28)

When I want to forget and sink

I shatter at a stranger’s feet

Push myself through the doorway,

toss my memories on the concrete


Strangers mesh together until I smile,

let go and die a little inside

I lean back into unfamiliarity

when there’s a stranger by my side


I’m not calling you a liar or

leaving graffiti on this doorstep

But I’m not worried with a stranger

even if we wandered and overslept


You spilled seven letters and a bloodstain

on the carpet beneath my feet

but if I sit here with a stranger

days are minutes and don’t repeat


When I want to forget another day

I shatter in a stranger’s arms

I was done but now I find myself

falling for yet another charm

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/28/16

Ode to a stranger

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a.griffiths57's picture

Ode to a stranger

Written in all honesty and mystery too. Love your writing here tallsquirrelgirl's.