Bad Habits (day 27)

I keep showing up on

your doorstep when you’re

not home


I try to thread our web of

memories through a

needle that’s too small


I keep gazing

through gaps in the

cape you’ve thrown over

your shoulders so I

can’t touch you again


I laugh so

often but I can’t see

myself crying for anything

but you


I try to redraw our fading

photograph on so many different

kinds of paper until

my fingers are raw and



I wake at the

exact minutes I remember

something happening, like

11:19.05, the almost magic in the

water that night


I almost hold your

flaws higher than

your perfections, but then

I can’t remember either of

them, just the

way you looked

at me


I keep

forgetting that

your address has changed when I

want to send

you letters and

spoonfuls of time


I nurse my bad

habits because I

don’t know how

to give them away


I keep

forgetting that

you don’t own me anymore

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/27/16

Bad habits

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Rave Ending

Easily read to contemplate later. Off to reread the much there.  ~A~