Coma (day 26)

There’s a bullet hole in my past

I can’t keep a secret

but I need to

so I lie awake every night in a coma

made of superhuman proof


Running from light that can’t find me

Crushing desire in my head

I’m holding you back,

I might as well fall


Secrets weigh more than a lifetime

so I want to give you the sun

and everything I think

But instead I stay here with

your playlist overflowing, gone tasteless


That’s what echoes in my ears

as I stay awake every night in a coma

made of lies but

tangled up in more proof than I want to admit

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/26/16


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My Coma

Like everyone else's is done while awake - that secret, that bullet hole, no way I'm tellin' :D Enjoyed this writing as universal - Lady A -