Clutter (day 22)

I want your clutter, I want insecurity

I want the safest place I’ve known

I want a thousand miracles but maybe even better

I want perfect lonely silence sitting next to you


I want to know when you’re falling apart

I want worlds to crumble at my feet

I want chills when I realize you’re here

I want to say one word to you and know it’s enough


I want to tell you everything I want

I want you to listen and breathe and be

I want to hear when you have to pick yourself up

I want you to never have to do it alone


I want you to know that I’m trying to speak

I want you to silence yourself so I can

I want to be the one to start us this time

I want to be the one to blame


I want your clutter, I want your tricks

I want you to stand up and scream

I want one choice and one moment to rewrite this story

I want you to be better than them

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/22/16


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This is devotional Love.

This is devotional Love. Amazing Ienjoyed this. Love and Light.


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The Poet WANTS!


Nice motif and platform to create upon. Fun to watch the onion unfold . ~A~