Never Knew


My finish line is the mountain

I’m standing in the valley

and hoping the peak is destiny

not just something I made up in my head.


I never knew I could hit rock bottom

so many times in a day,

miss you so many times

in a minute.


I never knew I could

choose this and regret it,

walk away and wish I hadn’t,

give up and wish I was better

at not regretting

and staying on my feet.


I’m walking with a purpose but

still so many miles away

because everything I pass is an oasis

that makes me think of you and

forget you all at once.


And the mountain still stands there

but it’s drifting into mist

I never knew forgetting would be harder

than memories I know I can’t ever live again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/4/16

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Damn. This hits me in a way

Damn. This hits me in a way that I wish it didnt. Youve captured my soul and expressed it more eloquently that I could ever hope to dream. Those mountains are so treacherous...hope you find solid footing. Kudos.