Drunk (day 16)

I’m drunk, I’m tired

of tearing myself apart

Ignorant of everything

that’s happened the past few days


I’m drunk, I’m pretty sure you don’t know me

but I know more of you than I’d like to


I’m willing to toss away yesterday

in the ocean and lightning and intoxication

and how you tie them all together

I want to make room for the sins of tomorrow


I’m drunk and believe in

a footbridge as fragile as us

Building up something

uplifting and forbidden


I’m weightless and weak, you weigh on my shoulders

I watch you from across the room, you

don’t even meet my eyes

Still the cold blue spark rushes through me


But the later you flee to me, the

less I know and the less I can think

and the more you turn away, the

more I’m at your heels, catching

red sparks molded into fire

Touch me, I’m drunk, the closer the better

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/18/16

I'm drunk, fragile, the closer the better

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noice! Especially like the

noice! Especially like the second to last stanza. Happened far too often in college