Afraid Again


Lately I’d rather be crazy

than turning in circles

at the top of a lighthouse

that won’t let me see anything

I’m free and captured,

broken and saved,

I gifted you with forever

before I saw the horizon

covered in flames and flashes


I’m conscious and asleep,

reviving something that’s

been alive inside me all this time 


Maybe I was wishing then

running from myself

but in my mind the sparks

were not just dangerous, but beautiful


Now the fire that spills from your eyes

is just ashes,

I can spill away all the slumbering sorrow

and conjure up its end


Maybe I’m thinking

of a way to go

back to love


but then there’s wind and earth and always fire

and I’m afraid of you again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/22/16

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lizardking's picture

i relate deeply

uncertainty stings me. every time i think i can love, a new fear arises. love and fear collide and become anxiety, and i begin to wonder if there is any difference between the two, and if there is any virtue besides faith? surely every other virtue is just a manifestation of it

Sassylass's picture

Watch out

when sparks fly

set on fire?

or just gonna get burned down?

as usual, your words flow smoothly and a well emotive blend of skillfully written words

Yay! TSG!


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....