Baby, I don’t know

what I wish I had done

but I left this town at sunrise

and circled the whole world

in a lifetime


Would you hold me

if I came back here

It’s home but I know

I’m older, I fear

that standing taller isn’t the same as

standing tall


Spreading seeds,

catching the wind in a bottle,

I’m finally the lucky one

And after all the clocks stopped ticking

returning to my spring


Would you let me in

if I came back here

After all of this

I’m stronger, you know

leaving here isn’t the same as

leaving you


It’s a minute worth a memory, it’s a

train on the right track

It’s a sprint, it’s a world,

It’s a sunrise, it’s a soul, it’s

Life biting right at your heels


But would you know me

if I came back here

Streets shift so I don’t recognize

I’ve changed, I fear

that growing isn’t the same as

growing up

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/8/16

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I'd say in questioning yourself that  did you do the right thing by returning; it shows a certain strength of character. Although there are many questions asked here, and the reader may think it was a mistake to return - your memories make you strong. The reader is reminded of return journey's they have been through in life. And definaetly makes me think of my own return journey to the country I was born in, which is where I am living now. A great write, lovely work realy loved your poem.

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So true! Thank you!

So true! Thank you!

*tallsquirrelgirl* she feels in italics and thinks in CAPITALS ~henry james