Fawn footprints

cross the street,

stepping stones

in the middle of July

a piercing cold

right through my soul

in the middle of July


Maybe summer is just

a trick of my mind

I melt into a burning sun,

cool water,

slamming doors,

and words I don’t want to hear


And for some reason

I keep breathing

in the face of the fact

that the universe will never

know I’m here

So I take comfort

in the fact

that my lungs burst underwater,



and silence says so much more

than seven letters ever could…


in the middle of July


But my shoulders darken,

a victim of the sun

one in a million

The summer breeze fills me up

and just for a moment,

I let it

I embrace the fact

that I’ll never be more than this

and I give in to the

burning sun,

cool water


And finally I lie

in a pool of my own memories…

but it’s just another July

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/22/15

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Carcass's picture

Very nice flow and energy in

Very nice flow and energy in the poem. Perfectly describes the summer in the south haha.

allets's picture


So much captured, so much implied, so much, so much ~allets~