The Room.

Such an air of sadness

held within that room.

It spoke to me of sorrow.

Of love that died too soon.

It told me too, of longing

of futures lost, denied...

For there is no tomorrow

when tears walk at your side.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Although I knew the background to this story, I hadn't expected such unhappiness to pour from the walls.

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Sky's picture

Seems like you've been

Seems like you've been speaking with spirits, or perhaps the ghosts of your own past, known as regret to most.

We'll just keep writing 'til there's nothing left to write.

We'll just keep waiting 'til they read all our works left to right.

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I do have several poems

I do have several poems regarding the spirit world, but this was a friends living room, her very long term relationship had broken down and she found out she had been deceived out of everything she had worked all her life for. She said she hated that room, and when I saw it I was stunned by the loneliness and sorrow it gave out, the room itself seemed to be crying out for comfort, it really stunned me.  Thank you for commenting Sky, I really appreciate it.  :-) 

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Sorrow Filled Rooms

I have been walking with grief and sorrow and loss recently. Your poem is what it feels like - thanks for the sharing - Lady A

Lady A


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I am so sorry to hear that,

I am so sorry to hear that, Lady A.  Life throws such sorrow our way at times.

So it's all the kinder that you have been good enough to read and comment on my poem. Thank you,  Sue x.