The Butterfly Words Of On Screen Poets.



They flit through your brain

To charm your mind,

Yet slip through your fingers

Lost to time.


No way to grasp

And keep the hold,

No way to claim

Those verses told.


I wish the words

Were printed page,

For eyes and heart

There to engage.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

There are so many lovely poems on here,I wish I could have all my favourites in a book, to just pick up and read without having to search through to find them every time. I know modern technology is very clever and useful, but I still like to be able to grab a book and just read. And that's how this bit of doggerel came about.

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    The first verse reminds



The first verse reminds me of trying to write poetry and having real insight into a poem to be written, but the ideas disappear as soon as you've got yourself organized to write them, frustrating. Good luck in creating your book of favourite poems.

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I share your thoughts on the

I share your thoughts on the first verse, my ideas usually arrive while out with my spaniel, it's a case of continually repeating in my head, and hurrying home!  Thank you for commenting. Will do my best with the collection of favourites. :-) x

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Another lovely one, Sue... As

Another lovely one, Sue... As for making your own booklet - as long as it's for your personal use, not for sale, there wouldn't be any infringement of copyright.  

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Really? In that case I'll go

Really? In that case I'll go for it then, thanks Carl :-) Thank you too for your kind comment X