Summer's Soft Goodbye.

Tiny pale green orbs, on magenta stems,

Embryo beginings of sumptuous, purple berries,

To sit in place of springs ghost white blooms.



Matt green ivy,

Regaining footholds on the wall.

From whence it was roughly torn

Not long ago,

Wears a lack lustre, lacy web

Not yet adorned with misty mornings,

Shining jewels.



Bone dry grass

Waves skeletal fingers along lane verges,

Above the drifting dust of long dead

Spring born gifts.


These last dry breaths of summers caress

Blow softly, and whisper goodbye.

The next step along the year

Is forward, arms upraised

To celebrate Autumns gladsom cry.


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An L. Seahands Aura

Lovely images - gardens in the seasons

- allets -




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I'm so sorry I missed your

I'm so sorry I missed your comment on this poem. Thank you for your kind words :-) Sue.