Flying Ants.

Looking from my window,

A silver glint catches my eye.

A sparkle here, a glimmer there.

The wing'ed ants have begun to fly.

Mass upon mass, they leave the nest,

To scale the wall, their Everest.

Gossamer wings are twinkling stars.

Their rippling line, a crystal stream.

The top they reach, and linger there,

To flex their wings, test the air.

Then taking flight one by one,

On outstretched, Iridescent wings,

They shimmer towards the sun.





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bishu's picture

Respected Swweetwater

Apart from the "s" side appreciated by Mm Allets. Ants scaling Everest appealed to me.Its ability to tackle uphill tasks. Human psychology is to shirk difficult chores/work. An ant is so daring & doesn't care for medals/applauses. That respected Mm is spontaneous for them. But we (humans) crush them under our soles & kill-spray the flying ones. What a pity !! They too have souls don't they ?



sweetwater's picture

Thank you for reading the

Thank you for reading the poem, and your comment. I was just impressed at so many creatures working together in such accord. Yes all living creatures have souls in some form and humans should be aware of this  before carelessly stamping their lives out.

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An S sound gift

You have a fla for "s" sounds and soft "c's". The whisper and are the wnd. You scale them lie Everet - nice soft sensuous write ~allets



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I hadn't realised all the S's

I hadn't realised all the S's I had untill you mentioned it :) thank you for reading it and for your comment.