Somnolence at Witley.

The sighs of the trees caressed by the breeze,the drone and the hum of bees as they tease the pollen from flowers,as they drowse through the hours.While the soft coo coo's are the words of the birds.And the squirrels who ponder, midst the boughs that they wander, watch the ducks as they ride and they glide to the side,of the lake so awake with the ripples they make.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written to be read in a sleepy, relaxed way. the words just run one into the other.

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Very Relaxing Images

very visual and sensate - loved this one - yr poempal, Stella hugz



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Thank you Stella, was trying

Thank you Stella, was trying to convey how relaxed and happy walking in the woods around my old home used to make me feel, but was never sure whether it worked or not, it was written over twenty years ago. :-)) Sue.

   By the way, I love the Christmas tree xx.