Lost Dreams.

A Soul lost in the wilderness of life,searching endlessly for something gone,resting here,briefly it seems.Turn around and view lost dreams. Desperate fingers reach out to hold,but merely brush against their paradise, for life has gone before the last breath,and a Soul wanders on and weeps. There is no lamp to shine in the darkness,no light to guide it's way,no winter wind or summer breeze to bid this Soul to stay. So the Soul wanders on and weeps for lost dreams and the time that has slipped away.

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wow... interesting format i

wow... interesting format i must say but very VERY good work! I love it :D

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Thank you so,so much for your

Thank you so,so much for your comments on my two poems, I very much appreciated them, especially from someone who writes as wonderfully as you do. Apart from two poems my daughter asked me to write for her ( her wedding and then a christening) you are one of the first to ever see my work, so your comments are all the more welcome. :-)


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A Dark Lovely Write

"...brush against their paradise..." Lovely image - Yr pomiepal, Stella



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I am very honoured that you

I am very honoured that you have read so many of my poems, thank you so much Stella. This one was written many years ago, but not in this layout, I had no idea how to set it out in stanzas on here so this was all I could manage ! Luckily I had help. Carl Vance was a huge help and a great encourager to me, I miss him greatly. Sue x