Clouded Vision.

Coils of smoke

from greying ashes

swirl about my heels,


they pull me down 

to shadowed spaces,

tearing at my mind.


Will no one take

my flailing hand,


prise apart those

fingers clenched,

place light

upon my palm?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written with the theme of anxiety in mind. 

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Evolution of Anxiety

Shock/surprise to dismay/alarm to fright/trepidation to anxiety/fear: interesting emotional terrain depending on causation factor(s). Witness or recipient determines degree of anxiety as mental or physical, or a bit a both. ~s~ 



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Gosh I think you have covered

Gosh I think you have covered everything, thank you :-) sue x

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The answer is within.


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Thank you, Stephen, :-)

Thank you, Stephen, :-)