Autumn Sings.

Autumn sings with misted breath

calls her tune to colour there,

glistened blades of jewelled eye

behold the gifted season’s wealth.

Tangled tresses, mottled now,

twine within the summer’s bones.

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allets's picture

"twine within the summer's bones."

Your use of metaphor is perfection, engaging, and spot on! Well written poem, lady, -yr poem pal ~s~



sweetwater's picture

Hello poem pal :-) we haven’t

Hello poem pal :-) we haven’t spoken for ages, my fault as I haven’t written

much for a long while, super to hear from you. Sue x

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What a delightful description.  Stephen

sweetwater's picture

Thank you Stephen, haven’t

Thank you Stephen, haven’t written for quite a while, so your comment means a lot. Sue.