First Song.

3am and a lone voice

begins to tweak the air.

A drowsy-eyed dawn

slowly blinks away the

darker shades of night,

filigree fingers draw

puddles of opal grey across

the fresh set canvas,

of a day barely born.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Insomnia isn't always bad :-) 

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"opal gray"

Definitely a early morning sky color - well said deepwater. - slc xoxoxo



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Thank you Stella :-) 

Thank you Stella :-) 

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Your R So Welcome

How's the weather in pre-Brexit England? So good 2 c U visit pp again. :D
I looked up by Books by V E Lucas: prolific essayist as well as poet. (20 + titles). :D



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Hi Stella, pre-Brexit Britain

Hi Stella, pre-Brexit Britain is as confused as ever, I don't think many want to leave with no deal though it does seem rather reckless to me. I really must come onto this site more frequently I miss so many good poems when I don't visit. I have only read the one book by E V Lucas, I had no idea he'd done so many. Sue x