Lost Paths.

The day dawns, draws upon me 

a shadow:

a tiredness follows

pulling away the light,

ripples from

the future puddle round my feet

washing away the paths which

once beckoned.

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Ooooh Mello Write

Lost path. Where

did you come from?

I was just walking

rightly yesterday

and now

it's gone.


Shadows askew,

signs mangled,

it seemed the way

to go and then

I stepped onto

the wrong path

and you became

the lost path.


Where ya been? I posted some stuff on UKA. Hang in there with the pictures in squares, it makes sense eventually. U no me, I love a challenge. Just finished novel #3 - complete rewrite and no movement on until every line was the right construct. 3 done (1 of which is Korviaaslax). 8 more to go. I have no excuse now. Copyright and put on Amazon-Kindle. Just to have it preserved. Be very well you! :D slc




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Hi Stella, I havent

Hi Stella, I havent deliberately stayed away from UKA but my iPad is struggling 

with age and infirmity, I need a new one..No chance. But I can’t get it to accept their new website, and my iPhone is really fiddly to use on there. 

Sounds like you are doing really well with your book, I could never write like that :-) xx

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Sick iPad?

Sorry to hear that communication will not link with UKauths. I put a poem on there every 3 weeks or so. When I find one I really like that has more international appeal, I save it on word, publish on UK and delete it from PP. Hey, it is Spring. What are you doing for this year in the sun? I passed on a trip to Miami for Easter, will stay here and write. Back is out (goes out periodically) but I am still upright and ready to go. took a walk around two neighborhood blocks this morning. Lots of daffodiles and purple flowers (maybe hyachiths). I have starfires all over the yard andin the gardens and tulip bulbs are forming. I will mix marigold and white allysum seeds in flower bed iin front of hedges and I am done. Perennials rock! The lilacs are budding and the crocuses are mostly gone. I love to watch them appear and grow and flower. It's what retired 69 year old's do. 


Be well, Stella



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I love the sound of your

I love the sound of your Starfires, wonderful name conjurs up all sorts of visions, I too have been in the garden, trimming edges and planting new flowers, new pup Fudge is now a year old and coming along nicely.

I am hoping to get some inspiration going this year. 

And like you doing what 60+ folk do :-) xx