Dark Dreamer.

All things wild

are dancing,

dancing where

the night winds



to carry dreams

across the sky,

in folds 

of midnight's blue


there capture 

you with sirens


and bind within

a silver cage.


To be forever



Author's Notes/Comments: 

For 'D'

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allets's picture

Good 2 C U

Lost all my work on UKAuths. Never again. Nice love poem - slc



sweetwater's picture

Oh no! That's dreadful. I had

Oh no! That's dreadful. I had difficulty submitting a poem a few days ago it said it would go out on Friday but when I went to double check editing I couldn't get on the site. Yesterday Richard put up a message saying the website was now closed and he hoped to update everyone in a few days. I was astounded not to mention furious as all my work is on there, like yours I suppose.

no wonder they didn't answer my enquiry as to an anothology for this year, I'd had several nominated and wanted to see if they had been entered. :-( Sue.

Stephen's picture

Beautiful touch as usual.

Sanity has been restored to postpoems with your return.    ---   Stephen

sweetwater's picture

Haha, thank you Stephen I

Haha, thank you Stephen I have checked in every now and then to read yours and other's work but since losing my beloved Spaniel Harvey a year ago I haven't had the heart or the words to write anything. I'm hoping I can now find those words again. Sue x