Letters And Loyalty.

The grief of you took all

my words and locked 

them safe away


'till I should know the 

need of them, and

call them close one day.


I had no care

to turn my head nor

wonder at their loss, all

pens had fallen to the past

my ink to dust grew old.


Then as the sun turned

leaves to gold, one 

last request to meet..


You found those words,

those letters lost,


and lay them at my feet.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Harvey, my adored Spaniel, I could not write for so long when he succumbed to illness and I lost him, but as I looked over his favourite park I realised most of my writing was done with him at my side, so I asked him to help me

get our connection back by writing again. And within five minutes 'Broken' had arrived in my head.

He always brought my post to me hence the last line of this poem.

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bishu's picture

Great one Ma'am !

My last dog passed away on 5th Feb 2015. I'll write a letter to him. Thanks for reminding me. Best wishes.



sweetwater's picture

That is a lovely idea :-)

That is a lovely idea :-) It's very hard to let go untill you are really ready, I lost my previous dog Bracken 12 years ago but I'm only just coming to terms with it now. Sue. 

Cascade's picture

This is so sadly beautiful.

This is so sadly beautiful. My dog is my best friend and so I can certainly understand, and feel, this vacancy

sweetwater's picture

Thank you, for many years now

Thank you, for many years now it's been just Harvey and myself, apart from four cats, but he and I were a team, we looked out for each other, he really was my best friend too. Sue x

allets's picture

The Spaniel As Muse

He must have been a wondrous friend. Cool write, cool inspiration - allets -




sweetwater's picture

Thank you, yes the most

Thank you, yes the most reliable and trustworthy friend anyone could ever wish for, and boy is it hard without him.

I won't flood the site with dedications to him that would just get too much and possibly be overly annoying to others, only I will know those that are really for him. Sue.