No More.

Now stilled the ocean's

ceaseless quest


as mighty oaks let fall

their crowns.


The Skylark's song drips

cracked and raw

across a careless dawn;


while rays of gold

no more bequeath

the smile that lit upon

my door.


For time's cruel hand

has taken back


the heart that beat within

my own.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Harvey my beloved Spaniel.

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Cascade's picture

He lives forever brilliantly

He lives forever brilliantly and now touching others within these lines, dear poet

sweetwater's picture

Thank you, he'd have been

Thank you, he'd have been very happy at that thought he loved everyone, and they couldn't resist him :-) sue.

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A Fine Line

"a carless dawn" - captured my imagination and did not let go. ~allets~




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Thank you so much Stella, I'm

Thank you so much Stella, I'm so pleased you connected with it :-) sue.