Priory Cottage Harvest.

Field's have cast aside

their gold,

to bask unclothed 

beneath the sun.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a few lines which came to me as I passed a freshly harvested field.

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Ah...the brevity in full

Ah...the brevity in full harvest!

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There didnt seem to be

There didnt seem to be anything more to add :-) Sue.

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Awesome Images

The feeling of change, the emotions of transcendence experienced - bravo! A winner - allets -




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I always feel more at home,

I always feel more at home, more comfortable in the countryside. Thank you Stella for the kind comment :-) 

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This is awesome!

This is awesome!

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Gosh Thank you that's very

Gosh Thank you that's very kind, :-) Sue

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I like it. Agree with Steven. 

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Haha, honestly it wasn't

Haha, honestly it wasn't intended to be sensual, much appreciate your comment, Sue :-)