Dark Paths.

What secrets do we hide

that they should so destroy us:


shadowed trails: a childhood

cast aside.

Shackled yet, those years

reach out cut away the mask


call us back, unclothe again

the scars that bleed our past.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for a friend.

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Every Line

masterfully woven - definitive, emotion rich, sustaining in memory - causing a look back...lovely written, sad well said. - allets -




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Thank you, when she told me

Thank you, when she told me about her childhood with an alcoholic father always in and out of jail and her incredibly hard and basically deprived childhood with a mother working all hours to earn money, and how she still feels the shame and humiliation but always hides it, I was moved to write this for her, she gave her permission to share it on here. Sue. X