Deep Forest.

Secret places, shy places,

    the wild rivers run

voices calling, raising, falling,

    catch a kiss from

noon-day's sun.

    Leaves a'rustle

chase and tussle, 

    tumble lost 

with silent faces 

    cluster now in

darker spaces.

    Hides and hollows,

light and shade

    sequestered path,

and forest glade.

    Shadows hand to

call the moon

    dark the oak, carved

deep the rune.

    Weather'd limbs far years

to show, scars the heart

    the eye to know.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

This seems to have arrived more as a chant than a poem.

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bishu's picture

This poem has a lilt




sweetwater's picture

Thank you Bishu xx

Thank you Bishu xx

word_man's picture

a lovely write sue,like

a lovely write sue,like sliding down a slide when you read it

sweetwater's picture

Thank you very much, to me it

Thank you very much, to me it feels a bit like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. :-) Sue.

word_man's picture

yeah,as i read ,it went

yeah,as i read ,it went faster,almost like a slide

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An Excellent Chant

Add cauldron and eye of newt and a couple or three witches and you have Shakespeare. Enjoyed the music.  :D



sweetwater's picture

Funny you should say that I

Funny you should say that I did think of witches as I wrote it :-) Thank you Stella :-) Sue.