Cruelly Judged.

Such words are his

       they weave our dreams,

drift through our hearts

       like moon-dipped streams.


Amber notes of songbird lilt

       cascade from poets' pen,

draw us up, with him to fly

       to cast within a zephre'd eye.


Yet this is not enough to see

       in greed a gilded cage to tie,

berate the giver of the gold

       for he has failed to live their lie.


A brush is not the canvas bare

       an artist not the paint,

a songbird may the heaven's hold

       but he's the singer, not the saint.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For 'D' cruelly judged for being human like the rest of us, and failing to live up to the 'perfect' image other's themselves had created in their own minds.

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Perfect Human

A contradiction in terms. It is a delicate brush stroke to influence, to demand is to get told ~A~




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Love your reply, thats very

Love your reply, thats very true.