Harvey's Op.

I did this to you, took you there

       - and left you -

Lively,  happy,  trusting.


Yet you welcomed me;

with a glad eye

pain dragged steps,

forgiving wag of tail:

a coat of checkered red

against your burnished gold.


And yet you love me still

while I did this to you.

They kept you in 

I walked away

  - and left you -

once again.


Now you're home,

and oh the joy, written bright

upon your face. And yes

you love me still.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I took my spaniel in for a large op on the side of his leg, went to collect him that afternoon, was told they wanted to keep him in for another twenty four hours, so could only visit him instead, was so wracked with guilt at his appearence, and yet he still struggled to  see me, and was so full of love for me, even though it was I who allowed this to happen to him, I went home and wrote this. No doubt I will edit later but wanted to capture my immediate feelings.

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A Love Poem

lucky canine!



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Thank you, happy to report

Thank you, happy to report Harvey is now bouncing about like a two year old, which isnt bad for a ten year old :-)