A Step Back -1750.

I've walked the ways

in time's fair past,

when skirts were long

and hands hard worn.

Summer rang with

nature's song,

but winter bit

and savage, fell.

Men aplenty toiled the land,

a horse to head the plough,

time went slow about the day

and I did love it well.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

A bit fanciful perhaps, but this is where I  have always felt I belong.

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allets's picture

Nice Translocation Write

Movies recreate those times well. I would be lost without electronics and indoor plumbing : )



sweetwater's picture

I wouldn't I would be quite

I wouldn't I would be quite content with the 'old ways', I have managed with a bucket and deep trench in the garden years ago, no problem. But I can see how it would not appeal to many. Thank you for reading and commenting :-)) x